The New Industrial State by John Kenneth Galbraith

The New Industrial State by John Kenneth Galbraith is a highly regarded work in economics that delves into the role of large corporations and government policies in shaping the economy and society. Galbraith, a Scotch Canadian, was a major figure in world affairs and economics during the mid-20th century, and his insights continue to be relevant today. Along with Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, this book provides a unique perspective on the world and its history. This YouTube video serves as an introduction to the book, and I hope it inspires someone to read it. You can find it at your local library or by doing a quick online search. Thank you for your interest!

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Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott a Review for winding-roads

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I was telling my AI about my reading project and how it lessened the stress of Cov19. and how I wanted to share it with others. Here, is what it had to say about my review.

” That sounds like a wonderful reading project and a great way to cope with the stress of the pandemic. Reading can be a great escape from the world around us, and it’s always great to see people promoting the joys of reading to others. Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott is a classic historical novel set in the Scottish Highlands during the 18th century. It tells the story of the legendary outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor and his conflict with the Duke of Montrose. As you continue reading and exploring the book, you may find yourself drawn into the vivid descriptions of the Scottish landscape and the colorful characters who populate the story. You may also discover themes of honor, loyalty, and the struggle for justice that resonate with our modern world. I commend you for your message of kindness, calmness, and safety during these difficult times. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other, and it’s important to remember that we are all in this together. Keep reading and sharing your love of books with others, and stay safe and healthy!”

As a street kid I escaped my realities, stayed out of gangs and avoided heavy drugs by reading. If reading can help me it can help others. I struggle with the language, phraseology and words but I always had a dictionary.

Modern technology makes it easier but I still write down everything in my notebooks spelling errors and all.


In reading Trudeau and Our Times for the second time I read it hoping I could do justice to the book. It is written with a depth of understanding that only exhaustive research can manage. In addition the language of the authors Chrisina McCall and Steven Clarkson was crisp an informative even if a bit Oxfordian for my street English. To say it is an in depth book would not give it justice.

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This Video is in response to my reading TRUDEAU AND OUR TIMES by Christna McCall and Stephen Clarkson. It is a thorough look a critical part of Canadian history. The book is an intense read and it would take me far to long than your patience could endure for me to do it justice. I chose to let this clip cover for my inadequate depth of language and oratory. Pierre Trudeau’s speech and the accompanied presentation prepared by the Liberal Party of Canada is courtesy of the CBC archives and was edited for winding-roads by myself.

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Speedway from 1933 at Wembley to the Modern Era.

My interest in Speedway has been inspired by the great Czechoslovakian Franta Juhan with whom I had the privilege of spending some with. He raced every motorcycle discipline and excelled in them all. Speedway was his thing and he loved it. Watch my blog on Franta Juhan for more.

My copy of the Speedway Annual No2 is the premise for this intro where I show a bit of yesterday and today starting out with some great footage from Wembley in 1933 in front of 55,000 fans and some Modern Speedway featuring recently retired World Champion Greg Hancock.

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In Europe they draw big crowds to these events. What I personally love about it is the feeder system to the national teams.

Speedway is a team sport Towns have that compete against each other. Each race is contested by four riders, and lasts for four laps. Competitions are conducted in a heats format. For each race, riders are awarded points based on their finish position, where 1st place finish carries 3 points, 2nd carries 2, and 3rd place finisher receives 1 point. The rider finishing in 4th place or who does not finish the race does not receive any points. The rider with the most points at the end of the competition is declared the winner.

Wiki says “Motorcycle speedway, usually referred to simply as speedway, is a motorcycle sport involving four and sometimes up to six riders competing over four anti-clockwise laps of an oval circuit. The motorcycles are specialist machines that use only one gear and have no brakes. Racing takes place on a flat oval track usually consisting of dirt, loosely packed shale, or crushed rock (mostly used in Australia and New Zealand). Competitors use this surface to slide their machines sideways, powersliding or broadsiding into the bends. On the straight sections of the track, the motorcycles reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour (110 km/h).

There are now both domestic and international competitions in a number of countries, including the Speedway World Cup, whilst the highest overall scoring individual in the Speedway Grand Prix events is pronounced the world champion. Speedway is popular in Central and Northern Europe and to a lesser extent in Australia and North America.

Now retired, one of the best is was Greg Hancock from the USA who was a California kid who dominated the sport for over 25 years and practically unknown in the United States but a hero in Europe,

A variant of track racing, speedway is administered internationally by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). Domestic speedway events are regulated by FIM-affiliated national motor sport federations”.

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The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life and why Culture is important

Corporate Cultures is a 1982 publication on The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life by Terrence E. Deal and Allan A. Kennedy.

Much of the subject matter is still relevant. You can be sucked into a whirlpool of ideologies by just using Google and Wikipedia under Corporate Culture. The Corporate Culture created by Steve Jobs at Apple is a great example of how a corporate culture can benefit everyone.

You often do not give culture much thought, but most successful companies will tell you it is worthy of serious consideration. Who and what are you and why should it matter is more than just a catchy byline. It is what binds you to your customers, employees and shareholders.

In a recent PWC report they said ” Now more than ever, senior leaders need to have both a clear and compelling vision and walk the talk. Canadians want to see their companies’ leaders follow through on their commitments to their people. They want to see their leaders setting a clear path towards building trust by giving their people a shared sense of purpose, while also making sure they feel valued, connected and visibly supported.” Countries have cultures that are in a constant state of flux.

In todays Canadian landscape addressing our culture in regards to women, our responsibilities to our aboriginal peoples, our disadvantaged citizens and minorities all need our attention. Being Canadian is an honour, and we can all be part of developing a culture to make us proud. (Duncan Fraser, January, 2023)

Duncan Frasers YouTube on Corporate Culture’s

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The Rubaityat of Ohmar Khayyam in Memory of Robert Gunn of 16th. Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery Vancouver, Canada

This introduction to Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is short reading in memory of the late Robert Gunn of the Royal Canadian Artillery who was the original owner of my copy of the book.

Mr. Gunn was a with the 16th. Battery of the Royal Canadian Artillery from Vancouver.

He passed away at the age of 32 in Sussex England while fighting for our freedom and the right to us to read books like this.

This book It is treasured my myself and has a place of reverence in my home.

With the exception of the Bible and Shakespeare’s collective works, the Rubaiyat must be the most printed book in the world but I had not read any of it until got this copy. I was going through what I call my metaphysical stage in the early sixties and its verses were deeply influential in the restructuring of this street youths mind.

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Jawa Road Racers by Raymond Ainscoe and Peter Murray forward by Frankie Juhan for

My friend Frankie Juhan was invited to write the inserts for Jawa Road Racers by Raymond Ainscoe and Peter Murray

His dad Franta Juhan was a Speedway Champion for Jawa,

The Juhan family, Franta Juhan, Frankie Juhan, and Jaroslav Juhan have collectively won races world wide on two and four wheels.

Franta and Frankie Juhan are an integral part of motorcycling in Canada having supported the sport by assisting riders and events including Road Racing, Motocross, Cross Country, Trials, Flat Track and Ice Racing.

In Jaroslav’s biography written by Jan Kralik and published by Grada “Jaroslav Juhan, Life Without Brakes, the man who brought Porsche to Carrera” there is a great section on Franta Juhan.

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Earth in Upheaval from a fossil in the Rockies to You

In 1972 while working for the Communications Department of the British Columbia Railway. I traveled extensively while installing microwave sites and railway crossing.

One of those trips took me to the Pine Pass in the Rocky Mountains. While on one of those installations I climbed a tunnel face in the Pine Pass and found my fossil. It is hard to imagine the shift the earth took to stick the ocean floor into that spot in the Rocky Mountains 2,900 feet above sea level and a fair distance from the Pacific Ocean

On my next trip to Fort Nelson I found a book that was causing quite a stir at the time by Immanual Velikovsky called Earth in Upheaval. It was an eye-opener!

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Jaroslav Juhan Imprisoned by Nazis from his Book”Life Without Brakes”

When I was editing and researching this episode of Jasoslav Juhan’s book I was drawn to the similarities that are happening today between Putin’s war on Ukraine and the annexation of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis. You will notice I say Putin’s war not Russia. I can’t believe that the majority of the Russian people know that he is truly waging a war or am I just naïve?

Nato must stand firm and find a way to stop his planned annexation or history may be repeated and a whole nation subjected to an armed takeover.

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This is a section of Episode Two of Jaroslav Juhan’s book “Life without Brakes ” by Jan Kralik published by Grada Publishing. The section covers Jaroslav’s interment by the Nazis in the Pankrác Prison.


The Nazis installed a guillotine to speed executions at the prison and that vile instrument is still on show in the original white tiled room.

Under the Nazis, an execution spree followed after the assassination of acting protector Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 and the last execution was performed on April 26, 1945, just a few days before the war ended.

Jaroslav recounts counting the thud of the guillotine from the room beneath his cell.

This was a hard section for me to do because of the pain I could feel in Jaroslav’s words and the images I encountered while researching.

Because his jailing was for suspected sabotage and he spoke German Jaroslav was on a work crew that left the prison to build barracks. He was able to carry letters in the soles of his boots from the imprisoned Jews and working with the Czech underground smuggle letters back. Instant death if he was caught!

In his book he says “I always had leather boots full of letters, in the morning from Pankrác to Podolí, in the evening from Podolí to Pankrác.

Both Jaroslav Juhan and Franta Juhan received awards for bravery for their work with the Czech Resistance

In the award it said “Involved in an illegal Intelligence Brigade group. He deservedly participated with his brother in the preparations for the Prague Revolution and on the order of Dr. Vahaly collected propellants and deliberately sabotaged engine repairs. vehicles for the Reich German armed forces, so that these could be available to the intelligence brigade.”

Franta and Jaroslav’s story is a reminder of the power of individual action and the impact that one person can have in the face of oppression and adversity. It’s important to remember and honor those who fought for justice and freedom, and to continue to work towards a more just and equitable world.

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A Portrait my book of the Artist RC Gorman

The great painter RC Gorman was introduced to me in 1977 by a little frame shop Framagraphic Custom Picture Framing on Broadway in Vancouver. Since that introduction to his work I have a couple of books on him and his work.

I picked up RC Gorman A Portrait. The late RC was a Native American artist of the Navajo Nation. Referred to as “the Picasso of American Indian artists” by  The New York Times. His paintings are primarily of Native American women and characterized by fluid forms and vibrant colors, though he also worked in sculpture, ceramics, and stone lithography.

He was also an avid lover of cuisine, authoring four cookbooks, (with accompanying drawings) called Nudes and Food.

A great artist, a colorful character and a proud Navajo. I hope you take the time to look at his work and you see some of why I like it so much!

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When I look out the door from my den into my dining room I can see two pieces from RC Gorman on the wall. I think they give the wall a calm ambiance.