Electric Dirt Motorcycles and Surron Vancouver

As we move forward towards a carbon neutral future resellers are positioning themselves to provide for the needs of their customers, This is specialty true in the transportation sector.

In motorcycles the major manufactures have published electric roadmaps.

The sheer size of these projects at the manufacturing level and the implementations of getting it wrong can slow the delivery to the consumer. This has enabled smaller companies to enter the market and meet the demands of consumers.

The United States and Canada provide unique challenges in electric motorcycles mostly due to vast distances that motorists travel and the fact that for most two wheeled enthusiasts the bike is a secondary means of transportation ridden for pleasure. In most of the world a motorcycle is the only means of transportation that anyone can afford and for that reason the introduction of electrics for transportation will be concentrated on the densely populated Asia Pacific and Indian subcontinent. This will also allow the companies to meet economies of scale to help them meet the drastic changes needed to hit the net zero targets many of them have espoused.

In North America Electric Dirt bikes could be the first the major entry point for electric motorcycles .

For example look at the Honda Centre in Burnaby, B.C. Canada.

The Company has been a Honda Motorcycle dealer since 1965 and has a loyal clientele that is generational and many of them have asked when can they buy an Electric Dirt Bike.

The Honda Centre’s parent North-West Motor Corporation Ltd, has said; “the time is now! but, not yet with Honda in North America”.

The company has acquired dealer status from Surron Canada and the right to market as Surron Vancouver. The digital showroom is housed @ http://www.hondacentre.com along with Sherco Vancouver and Beta Vancouver.

The bricks and mortar location is at a major intersection that separates the Cities of Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada .

For North-West Motors, three of the brands Surron, Sherco and Beta are Dirt Bike specific with only Honda covering all the market segments in Motorcycles, ATV’s and Side by Sides, Power Equipment and Marine. Beta Motorcycles have youth electric dirt models and Surron are specifically electric dirt motorcycles.

Off Road Motorcycle sales market projections like most crystal balls show a different view depending on the perspective of the viewer.

In a recent Global Market Insights Report posted in the Internet in their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) stated:

How Big is the off-road vehicles market?

The market size off- road vehicles registered nearly USD 20 Billion revenue in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2023 and 2032, owing to the expansion 0f the electric-off road vehicle industry in Europe

What is driving the electric segment market revenues by 2023?

The electric off road vehicles industry is projected yo observe 17% growth through 2023, driven by the growing popularity of electric alternatives in vehicles to reduce gas emissions and pollution globally.

Why is North America Industry recording strong growth?

The North American of-road vehicles industry is expected to gross a valuation of USD 12 billion by 2032, on account of higher participation in recreational activities , including off-roading, in regions compared to others.

Who are some of the leading players in the global off-road vehicles landscape?

Some of the major players in the competitive scenario are BRP, Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Honda Motors, Yamaha Motor Corporation and Polaris Industries.

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