What is Truth? Francis Bacon and Milton influence my research into my understanding of Truth and Reconciliation regarding the aboriginal peoples of Canada.

Reflecting on failing our Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, this short reading, is in part driven by my closing remarks in Duncan Fraser Reads Book 16 “Citizen of the World The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.”

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Reading Francis Bacon and Milton made for some thought provoking hours researching the meaning of Truth.

I have a simple collection and use local libraries when I can. I have created a new Bookshelf, this time a digital one and created this blog where my review and narrated videos can be seen.

I do not think digital will ever displace hard copy but, it the form most readily available for stuff like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action Report and the BC Treaty Commission Annual 2020 Report it is what is available .

Reports like those among others are growing quite rapidly as I search for Truth in some of my interests and the documents are more readily available in digital format.

Unfortunately, there seems to be as much unsubstantiated information masquerading as fact on the Web so that those searching for truth could easily be misled.

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