Visit Your Local Library and A Poem by Duncan Fraser

While researching material for Emily’s Quest by Lucy Maud Montgomery I had to stop., think for a minute and picked up my pen. This wee scribble and poem is the result.

Please watch and listen to narration and let me know what you think

it is a bit of a homage to libraries and the power of words. Emily’s Quest by Lucy Maud Montgomery who is a Canadian literary Icon and in reading had me thinking about libraries and how important they were to some of the smaller towns I have visited. You expect libraries on university campuses and in the larger metropolitan cities where visitors can exceeded millions.

I have enjoyed visiting libraries in places like Fort Nelson, Fort St John, Prince George, Quesnel, Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Lillooet, Pemberton and Whistler in British Columbia. My poem while inspired by reading a book is really a homage to words and libraries.

I follow Noraly from Itchyboots who is crossing the Sahara on her Honda CRF300 Rally. She dropped in to an ancient library deep in the Sahara in Chinguetti and I was enthralled..

Dropping by your local library takes on new meaning in the Sahara

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