The Juhan Way-Motorcycling Pioneers in Canada by Duncan Fraser

The Juhan family has a long-standing contribution to the sport of motorcycling and their positive influence on Honda’s acceptance in Canada. With over five decades of dedication to the sport and introducing thousands of new riders to two wheels, Frankie and Franta Juhan have left a lasting impact on the industry.

Frankie Juhan’s support for the sport goes beyond his personal involvement, as he has sponsored individuals and clubs in various disciplines such as Observed Trials, Motocross, Enduro, and Road Racing. Such support plays a critical role in enabling aspiring riders to pursue their passion and develop their skills.

Franta Juhan, the patriarch of the Juhan family, is a famous Czech motorcycle speedway champion, winner off multiple Gran Prix Road races, and a medalist in the Six Days Trial.

His achievements in the sport have been an inspiration to his son Frankie following in his footsteps.

The fact that Franke’s uncle Jaroslav was a Porsche Legend shows that the Juhan family’s passion for motorsport runs deep and extends beyond the world of motorcycles.

Their diverse racing heritage is a source of pride and inspiration for the family. Overall, the Juhan family’s induction into The Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneers Society in 2018 is well-deserved recognition of their contributions to the sport and positive message of respect for it.

Their legacy will inspire future generations of riders and motorsport enthusiasts in Canada and beyond.

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