LEATT Helmets from the Honda Centre are 360 Degrees Safer for dirt riders.

There have been huge changes in riding motorcycle riding gear since the Honda Centre started providing kit to riders in 1965. The company has always had quality products and today LEATT is one of them.

LEATT uses their vast experience and high-tech testing facilities, they created our own system in the Leatt lab to help reduce the risk of sustaining serious head and brain injuries in a crash. All Leatt helmets feature our category-defining 360° Turbine Technology.

To summarize, the 360° Turbine Technology in Leatt helmets helps reduce the risk of serious head and brain injuries during a crash by mitigating both rotational and low-velocity linear acceleration forces. The technology works by strategically placing disc-shaped turbines made of Armourgel all along the inside of the helmet’s EPS liner, which can absorb energy and reduce impact forces during a crash. As a result, this technology is a smart safety choice for any rider who is passionate about their sport and wants to protect themselves from potential injuries.

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