In reading Trudeau and Our Times for the second time I read it hoping I could do justice to the book. It is written with a depth of understanding that only exhaustive research can manage. In addition the language of the authors Chrisina McCall and Steven Clarkson was crisp an informative even if a bit Oxfordian for my street English. To say it is an in depth book would not give it justice.

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This Video is in response to my reading TRUDEAU AND OUR TIMES by Christna McCall and Stephen Clarkson. It is a thorough look a critical part of Canadian history. The book is an intense read and it would take me far to long than your patience could endure for me to do it justice. I chose to let this clip cover for my inadequate depth of language and oratory. Pierre Trudeau’s speech and the accompanied presentation prepared by the Liberal Party of Canada is courtesy of the CBC archives and was edited for winding-roads by myself.

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