Earth in Upheaval from a fossil in the Rockies to You

In 1972 while working for the Communications Department of the British Columbia Railway. I traveled extensively while installing microwave sites and railway crossing.

One of those trips took me to the Pine Pass in the Rocky Mountains. While on one of those installations I climbed a tunnel face in the Pine Pass and found my fossil. It is hard to imagine the shift the earth took to stick the ocean floor into that spot in the Rocky Mountains 2,900 feet above sea level and a fair distance from the Pacific Ocean

On my next trip to Fort Nelson in British Columbia I found a book that was causing quite a stir at the time by Immanual Velikovsky called Earth in Upheaval. It was an eye-opener!

Please watch the video and subscribe if you care!

A Fossil from the Pine Pass, a British Columbia Railway Belt Buckle and Immanuael Velikovsky

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