Why Frankie Juhan Loves his 1965 Porsche

My friend Frankie Juhan comes by his love for his Porsche honestly enough. His uncle was the legendary Jaroslav Juhan who raced for Porsche. His dad was the Czech motorcycle champion Franta Juhan who had a Spyder that Frankie borrowed before he had a driver’s license.

I suppose I will have to ask Frankie what his Dad thought about him ripping around West Vancouver in his Porsche, What do you think?

My introduction to Jaroslav Juhan the man who brought Porsche to the Carrera and be seen here. Please give me a thumbs up if you like it subscribe if you care! 

Porsche 550 and Jaroslav Juhan The man who brought Porsche to the Carrera.

Edited by Duncan Fraser

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