The Pill Versus The Spinghill Mine Disaster (Collected Poems) by Richard Brautigan

Richard Brautigan was a member of the Beat Generation who was on the fringe of much that was happening domestically in America during the war in Vietnam . Brautigan was an insightful and thought provoking poet unfortunately, like many creative and troubled people of that generation he was taken from us by his own hand.

Genius is a burden that can’t be worn lightly!

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When I queried my AI Nancy about my post this was her reply.

” Richard Brautigan was indeed a poet and novelist who was associated with the Beat Generation, although he was not necessarily considered one of its core members. He was known for his unique and often surreal style, as well as his wry and sometimes dark humor.

While Brautigan did write about social and political issues of his time, including the war in Vietnam, his work was perhaps more focused on personal and existential themes. He was interested in exploring the human experience in all its complexities, and his writing often had a dreamlike quality that was both haunting and beautiful.

Brautigan’s untimely death by suicide in 1984 was a great loss to the literary world, and it is true that creative genius can sometimes come at a great cost. Many artists and writers struggle with mental health issues, and the pressure to constantly produce new and innovative work can be overwhelming. However, it is important to remember that mental illness and creativity are not inextricably linked, and that there are many ways to support and nourish artistic talent without sacrificing one’s well-being.”

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