Multiple Times World Trials Champion Toni Bou and Daryoush Gholbani in Training.

Daryoush Ghorbani has spent time here in British Columbia. His ready smile was contagious and he was always willing to help with motorcycle endurance and trials events when he was here in Canada. The unstable politician situation in Iran makes it quite difficult for him to travel to North America. Here he is training with multiple time World Trials champion Toni Bou (Repsol Honda)

He is able to travel and compete with Jarvis Racing in Europe and the Philippines in Endurance events. While In Canada he enjoyed the events he competed in with the Canada Pacific Trials Association in IOCO BC. Thank you Daryoush!

The New Industrial State by John Kenneth Galbraith

The New Industrial State by John Kenneth Galbraith is a highly regarded work in economics that delves into the role of large corporations and government policies in shaping the economy and society. Galbraith, a Scotch Canadian, was a major figure in world affairs and economics during the mid-20th century, and his insights continue to be relevant today. Along with Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, this book provides a unique perspective on the world and its history. This YouTube video serves as an introduction to the book, and I hope it inspires someone to read it. You can find it at your local library or by doing a quick online search. Thank you for your interest!

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Support Your Local Motorcycle Store

This video is a look at the Honda Centre who, have been serving the motorcycle community in British Columbia in Canada for over 55 years.

In my experience, family-owned businesses that have a long history in their communities often bring a unique level of knowledge and experience that can’t be matched by larger corporate entities.

It’s unfortunate that these types of stores are facing increasing challenges in today’s economy, particularly with the rise of online competitors. Supporting local businesses like the Honda Centre is crucial for the long-term health of communities.

By choosing to buy from local stores, we can help keep the lights on and support the people who work there. Not only does this help ensure the survival of these businesses, but it also helps to create a sense of community and connection that is often lost when we only shop online.

In addition to buying local, there are other ways we can support our local motorcycle shops. We can attend events and races sponsored by these stores, recommend them to friends and family, and even leave positive reviews online to help boost their visibility.

It’s important to remember that these businesses are more than just stores; they are a part of the fabric of our communities. By supporting them, we can help ensure that they continue to serve us for many years to come.

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Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott a Video Revue by Duncan Fraser

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I was telling my AI Nancy about my reading project and how it lessened the stress of Cov19. and how I wanted to share it with others. Here, is what she had to say about my review.

” That sounds like a wonderful reading project and a great way to cope with the stress of the pandemic. Reading can be a great escape from the world around us, and it’s always great to see people promoting the joys of reading to others. Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott is a classic historical novel set in the Scottish Highlands during the 18th century. It tells the story of the legendary outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor and his conflict with the Duke of Montrose. As you continue reading and exploring the book, you may find yourself drawn into the vivid descriptions of the Scottish landscape and the colorful characters who populate the story. You may also discover themes of honor, loyalty, and the struggle for justice that resonate with our modern world. I commend you for your message of kindness, calmness, and safety during these difficult times. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other, and it’s important to remember that we are all in this together. Keep reading and sharing your love of books with others, and stay safe and healthy!”

As a street kid I escaped my realities, stayed out of gangs and avoided heavy drugs by reading. If reading can help me it can help others. I struggle with the language, phraseology and words but I always had a dictionary.

Modern technology makes it easier but I still write down everything in my notebooks spelling errors and all.

A look at Motorcycle Production for Greeves in England and Honda in Japan for

Motorcycle manufacturing has advanced significantly since the 1950s, and the improvements are evident in the quality of the bikes and the manufacturing processes. Greeves was a small but notable company that contributed significantly to the development of motocross and trials bikes. Their dedication to craftsmanship and innovation helped them create bikes that were reliable, powerful, and agile, making them a favorite among enthusiasts. On the other hand, Honda’s rise to become the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality. Honda’s products are renowned for their reliability, performance, and safety, and the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of motorcycle design and manufacturing, using cutting-edge technology and engineering to produce outstanding bikes. Overall, the evolution of motorcycle manufacturing has been a remarkable journey, and the improvements in the quality of bikes and manufacturing processes are a testament to the passion and dedication of the industry.

Worlds apart but their is one thing that they share, a love of motorcycles.

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In reading Trudeau and Our Times for the second time I read it hoping I could do justice to the book. It is written with a depth of understanding that only exhaustive research can manage. In addition the language of the authors Chrisina McCall and Steven Clarkson was crisp an informative even if a bit Oxfordian for my street English. To say it is an in depth book would not give it justice.

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This Video is in response to my reading TRUDEAU AND OUR TIMES by Christna McCall and Stephen Clarkson. It is a thorough look a critical part of Canadian history. The book is an intense read and it would take me far to long than your patience could endure for me to do it justice. I chose to let this clip cover for my inadequate depth of language and oratory. Pierre Trudeau’s speech and the accompanied presentation prepared by the Liberal Party of Canada is courtesy of the CBC archives and was edited for winding-roads by myself.

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Outdoor Motocross Rocks for Millions!

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I have passion for motorcycle racing and have had the opportunity to experience so many different forms of the sport. Each discipline offers its own unique challenges and thrills, and it’s wonderful that fans are able to enjoy and appreciate the skills of the riders in each one.

Getting to the events can be just as much fun as watching the races themselves. Whether it’s a grand prix road race or a local observed trial, the atmosphere and camaraderie of the motorcycle community is truly special.

Outdoor motocross is a spectacular sport, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular with fans. The combination of speed, skill, and daring that the riders bring to the track is truly awe-inspiring, and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the race.

Overall, motorcycle racing is a truly dynamic and exciting sport, and having such a strong connection to it has been a big part of my life.

I love hearing about the passion that fans had for that Trans-AMA series. Rain or shine, they were willing to stand and watch their favorite riders compete, and that says a lot about the level of excitement and excitement that the series generated.

Roger DeCoster, Jim Pomeroy, and Brad Lakey were some of the biggest names in the sport during that time, and it’s not surprising that fans remember them so fondly. These riders pushed the limits of what was possible on a motorcycle and set new standards for the sport. Their skills and determination continue to inspire future generations of motocross riders.

Overall, the Trans-AMA series holds a special place in the hearts of many fans and is remembered as a golden era in the history of motocross. (Duncan Fraser for Winding-Roads)

The Video was edited from uTube and Honda Global footage in 2022 will give you an idea of why motocross is so specials, The clip is Honda Centric because that is me, but the reason all the big boys play in the dirt is it sell motorcycles.

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A Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith narration Duncan Fraser

The great Scotsman Adam Smith is considered by many to be the father of Capitalism. The Wealth of Nations is an amazing book that can take you on many an unintended journey. From the Cost of labour to the Cost of War. From Colonization to the true cost of protectionism. Written in 1776 is is still relevant and gives you a perspective from before Canadian Confederation. From the cost efficiency of slavery to its abolishment this is worthy the hours needed to read it. Please click on the YouTube, like it if you do , subscribe if you care and comments are welcome .

The main theme of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations is the economic principles of free market capitalism. Smith argues that the free market is the most efficient and effective way to allocate resources and create wealth. He also discusses the importance of competition, the role of government in the economy, and the effects of international trade.

Adam Smith was strongly opposed to slavery. He argued that slavery was inefficient and that it was morally wrong to deny people their freedom. He also argued that slavery was a major impediment to economic growth and development.

Emily’s Quest a book by Lucy Maud Montgomery for

Emily’s Quest is written by one of Canada’s most beloved writers L.M. Montgomery. It is a book with great visual artistry and a look into the manners of the early 19th century

Seen as a book for children but the historical content and worldliness of the prose make it worth while for anyone. I do not remember how it made it into my bookshelf but reading it as an old man I was quite taken by the characters and a bit jealous of those that have read her before me.

A prolific writer best known for Ann of Green Gables she has been awarded the Order of the British Empire and her books have film and television adaptations. Her book Anne of Green Gables has sold more than 50 million copies and has been translated into more than 30 languages. Just Google her you will be amazed.

Several novels in the series have been adapted and made into a successful television miniseries. Montgomery museums, plays, and houses on Prince Edward Island draw international visitors.

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Slippery Slopes is a Poem by Duncan Fraser

This was written while contemplating some of the messes our world is going through. The problems I was contemplating were so dire that COV19, which is killing millions, dropped to fourth on my list. Thinking about is seemed like a slippery Slippery Slope that could cause me to slip into despair. Then I wrote this poem.

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Putin’s unjust war on Ukraine has not just impacted those directly under the guns but has drawn the world into an economic tailspin that severely impacts those most vulnerable in our societies. When you are struggling to put food on the table the plight of others is not often foremost on your mind.

Reconciling with our Native Peoples in Canada

As Canadians are coming to grips with the past injustices colonization forced on our First Nations and our original peoples. This has been accelerated by the finding of unmarked graves at sites of resenental schools which has increased the public conscience in this regard, stipulated debate and forced us to recognize our failings.

Getting those that helped us while we were in Afghanistan to Canada

Canada committed forces to Afghanistan in October 2001 and while we were there thousands of Afghans helped us. The Taliban will kill those people if we do not get them here!



Canada can, and must do more to on this issue. All Canadians should be pressuring all governments to collectively come up with a strategy where all Canadians can with dignify have a roof over their heads. There are enormous challenges to overcome but to not do it is a disgrace to our collective conscience.

Negating Extremists

Extremism in most forms is destructive to the well being of the majority. The majority must not be silent or they will regret their inaction

Vaccines for the World

The Joint Technical Symposium held on 16 December by the World Health Organization (WHO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) highlighted that the world can move quickly when driven by a crisis situation, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooperation is a key factor to foster innovation and timely equitable access to health products – for COVID-19 and in preparation for future pandemics. 

And putting food on the table.

Food Banks in Country like Canada are a disgrace. For governments to rely on the generosity of its people and the volunteerism of thousands to deliver food to those who need a hand is a failure of our democracy.

Indeed a slippery slope

When you see a child smile, or a ray of sunshine break through a cloudy sky it makes stop for a moment. In that moment the worlds problems are lessened. I hope my wee poem does that for you, it is a simple thing a smile!