Porsche 550 and Jaroslav Juhan’s Story Life Without Brakes.

The book on Jaroslav Juhan “Life Without Brakes, The man that brought Porsche to Carrera is written by Jan Králík in Czech and published by Grada Publishing

The translations (with help from Google), narration and video were done by Duncan Fraser a friend of the family.

The book is broken down into four videos.:

#1 : Franta Juhan, Czechoslovakian Speedway champion and Jaroslav’s older brother.

#2: The pre-war years Life was good!

#3: The war years and imprisonment by the Nazis

#4: Porsche 550 and Jaroslav Juhan The man who brought Porsche to the Carrera.

Life with Porsche, Lotus and Ferrari

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The Art of Motorcycle Racing by Mike Hailwood

The Art of Motorcycle Racing by the Legendary Mike Hailwood and commentator Murray Walker is book where Mike gives great advise for the aspiring racer. In my introduction to the book I try to share some of the excitement my copy has provided me.

I have mix a few relevant video clips like Mike Hailwood on the Honda six. I have another post on that great bike you here. All racers need to give some thought to what will they ride, where will the ride and how are they going to get there and back.

Mike gives some insight into all of these. When you are a world champion you gain insights from a rather lofty viewpoint, knowing the steps he took and the thing you need to consider on your path were helpful to me and is well worth the read!

My intro concludes with some great footage of Mike on World Championship Winning Honda 250cc RC166 six cylinder work of art. I hope you enjoy it!

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Commodore with Jim Butterfield and the Birth of Microcomputers for Winding-Roads

One of the books I cover in my vlog Duncan Fraser Reads is the First Book of Kim by Jim Butterfield who for thousands was their first introduction into the word of computers. The threads I pulled by opening this book took me on a personal journey which mirrored my working with Commodore in Canada, Computerland, Conti Computer Systems and travelling the world being a nerd.

I especially enjoyed my visits with the Amiga communities in England and Germany. The images were are pulled from the public domain and from my personal collection. When you are commenting on a book that is all about machine language( the language of Bits and Bytes) It was better to just pull the images. I wonder if they still teach would be software engineers how to write a “boot-start loader” Send me a comment if you know.

There is a great video in this with Andy Warhol at The Amiga Launch Party. Cool!

In the late 70s and early 80s, Apple and Commodore were two names at the top of every tech wish list. It was challenging to compare the Apple II and Commodore 64 at the time, but the Commodore 64 is the best-selling desktop PC of all time according to Guinness World Records. I owned, sold and serviced both, The 64 spawned the Amiga and The Apple IIE the Mac. The Mac VRS the Amiga is worth looking at.

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The Race for Leadership (Motorcycle Gran Prix 1961) Intro by Mike Hailwood for Duncan Fraser Reads

The Race For Leadership. The Introduction by Mike Hailwood. I have this great book on Honda that has seen better days. It has been stuffed in drawers, under beds, in carboard boxes and on numerous of my book shelves in the decades it has been in my possession.. The forward to the book is written by Mike Hailwood who to me is the greatest racer of all time, with Giacomo Agostini being right behind. This look at my book includes some great footage from the Isle of Man courtesy of the BBC. The process I undertake with these video’s that are based on books in my personal bookshelf is as follows: I pull a book from my Bookshelf, mostly at random, open the book to a random page, read a paragraph, make some notes, them pull digital threads I find. I digitize these and create a video. The narration and views are my own and no slight to anyone living or otherwise is intended. I sincerely hope you enjoy them and that I am able to transfer some of magic these books have provided me. My love for motorcycle racing, art and reading I hope is obvious. I have been involved in motorcycling in Canada since the early sixties and it is as glorious a sport today as it was when I was young.

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Why Frankie Juhan Loves his 1965 Porsche

My friend Frankie Juhan comes by his love for his Porsche honestly enough. His uncle was the legendary Jaroslav Juhan who raced for Porsche. His dad the Czech motorcycle champion Franta Juhan had one that Frankie borrowed before he had a driver’s license. I suppose I will have to ask Frankie what his Dad thought about him ripping around West Vancouver in his Porsche, What do you think?

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Porsche 550 and Jaroslav Juhan The man who brought Porsche to the Carrera. for Duncan Fraser Reads 

Mike Hailwood’s Honda Six Cylinder 250cc RC166

Motorcyclists from every era have one bike that for them is the best bike of all time.

I asked the late great Czech Speedway Champion Franta Juhan what his favorite bike was and and he told me.

“Sonny” (his nickname for me) I have raced many great bikes including the Gilera Four in Monza, The Vellocette KTT which I rode to a new lap record in Switzerland and rode in the Isle of Man TT. I had a DKW 240 Speedway bike and a 1000cc Covenry Eagle and raced Jawa in the Six Days Trial. I have ridden JawaVincentGileraMoto Guzzi and MV Agusta but my favorite was the Jawa 350 Speedway Bike.” Franta was a big imposing gentleman and is eyes got a far away look when he hung his arm over my shoulder and talked of these bikes.

I was what you could call a child of the sixties and my own personal best was the incredible Honda RC166.

You can see it here an my vlog Duncan Fraser Reads.

Mini Moto as a Concept

I should come as no surprise than Honda have grouped together small motorcycles and scooters and are marketing them as a group. Honda are world leaders in this space. The practically invented it with the introduction of the Honda Cub in 1958.

This wee bike has sold over 100 million units world wide and is the most sold bike in history.

The current lineup will have to go some to meet those lofty numbers but the actual concept is not new to Honda,

Small affordable transportation for the masses,

The Current Canadian Mini Moto can be seen in Duncan Fraser Reads vlog of the mini moto at the Honda Centre in Burnaby BC

Welcome to Winding-Roads with Duncan Fraser

Motorcycles and Books both can leave an impact on who and what you are as a person. One is a physical endeavor that can put you and your machine in touch with your surroundings in ways that traveling in an enclosed vehicle  cannot touch. The other can be an endless journey of self discovery made easier by almost everywhere having a library,

Welcome to my blog where I will share with some of my experience with both.   

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