The legendary Czech car racer Jaroslav Juhan Imprisoned by Nazis from his Book”life Without Brakes” for

When I was editing and researching this episode of Jasoslav Juhan’s book I was drawn to the similarities that are happening today between Putin’s war on Ukraine and the annexation of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis. You will notice I say Putin’s war not Russia. I can’t believe that the majority of the Russian people know that he is truly waging a war or am I just naïve?

Nato must stand firm and find a way to stop his planned annexation or history may be repeated and a whole nation subjected to an armed takeover.

This is a section of Episode Two of Jaroslav Juhan’s book “Life without Brakes ” by Jan Kralik published by Grada Publishing. The section covers Jaroslav’s interment by the Nazis in the Pankrác Prison.


The Nazis installed a guillotine to speed executions at the prison and that vile instrument is still on show in the original white tiled room.

Under the Nazis, an execution spree followed after the assassination of acting protector Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 and the last execution was performed on April 26, 1945, just a few days before the war ended.

Jaroslav recounts counting the thud of the guillotine from the room beneath his cell.

This was a hard section for me to do because of the pain I could feel in Jaroslav’s words and the images I encountered while researching.

Because his jailing was for suspected sabotage and he spoke German Jaroslav was on a work crew that left the prison to build barracks. He was able to carry letters in the soles of his boots from the imprisoned Jews and working with the Czech underground smuggle letters back. Instant death if he was caught!

In his book he says “I always had leather boots full of letters, in the morning from Pankrác to Podolí, in the evening from Podolí to Pankrác.

Both Jaroslav Juhan and Franta Juhan received awards for bravery for their work with the Czech Resistance

In the award it said “Involved in an illegal Intelligence Brigade group. He deservedly participated with his brother in the preparations for the Prague Revolution and on the order of Dr. Vahaly collected propellants and deliberately sabotaged engine repairs. vehicles for the Reich German armed forces, so that these could be available to the intelligence brigade.”

Heady stuff, Thank you for taking the time to visit.

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