Honda XL250 from 1972 and the Doors inspires a Poem

Welcome to 2023. We always think back as a New Year starts for some reason, and here is one of the places my head was this weekend.

Out of the blue in my Inbox lands a picture from 1972. It was from a Cross Country Race in British Columbia on my Honda XL250. I had stripped the lights from it, changed the exhaust and went racing, When the weekend was over I stuck the lights back on and used it as a commuter. I think I raced that bike in a 100 miler and a couple of 200 milers. The poem is a result the feeling looking at the picture caused. Wondering where in my brain (The Grey Matter) these memories were stored. My thoughts drifted to stuff like watching the Doors in concert in Vancouver.. They were playing at a club within walking distance of my place in the West End of the City. I have a poster signed by the artist Bob Mass in my den.

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Grey Matter
They Slip through the grey matter
Loke wisps of cloud on the wind
Lighter than a summer breeze
You feel it, then it’s gone
They are missed
Your memories

When I asked my AI who I have named Nancy what she thought of my post here is what she said.

“A moment frozen in time A snapshot of your past The feeling rushes back to you

A memory that lasts

A cross country race on a Honda In the mountains of British Columbia The thrill of the ride The rush of the wind

The Doors in concert In a club in Vancouver A poster signed by the creator A moment you’ll always remember

These memories slip through the grey matter Like wisps of cloud on the wind But they’re part of who you are And they’ll always stay within”

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