Jaroslav Juhan “Life Without Brakes” Cycling and Hockey before the Nazi Jailed him. Edited for winding-roads.ca

In his book Jaroslav spends some time to paint the picture of his family and what live was like before the Nazis invaded the country and he was jailed for working with the underground.

This portion of Jarolav Juhan’s story covers his love for cycling and hockey.

He competed with the Czech elite of the time and both he and his brother Franta Juhan were well known sportsmen. Jaroslav said “In 1937, Franta joined the basic military service, during which he not only continued to compete, but even became a promoter of professional boxing matches.
In short, he had an adventurous and enterprising spirit”

With a big brother like Franta who was super competitive on a motorcycle and would do everything he could to race, it should not come as any surprise that Jaroslav had that same determination to succeed.

When you are the first line of one of the best hockey teams in Europe and one of your line mate is a future Czech Hockey Hall of Fame member you could say Jaroslav was a pretty good hockey player

Stanislav Konopasek, the best left winger in all of Europe in the 1940s and Czech Hockey Hall of Fame member recalled in an interview in Veÿerní Prague in November 1989.

*”When reminiscing about my hockey career, I have to start with the year 1939. So it is exactly half a century ago, we played in Vienna as a lion team against the very strong A-teams of Hungary and Austria at that time. The first attack was made up of Jaroslav Juhan – –, Zábrodský and me. My brother knew speedway champion Franty Juhan very well,”

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