Porsche 550 and Jaroslav Juhan The man who brought Porsche to the Carrera.

Inspired by the book on Jaroslav Juhan “Life Without Brakes, The man that brought Porsche to Carrera. It is part of a four part vlog I am working on to do credit to this historic Czech family.

Jaroslav was the younger brother of the Czech Speedway Champion Franta Juhan who is the subject of the first part of the book and that will be covered separately.

There are three frames where Jaroslav’s was spelled wrong and my narration which is unscripted I call the PanAmerica the CanAmeria. I am pulling the age card and tired eyes as my excuse and beg apologies of anyone offended. (Duncan Fraser) I also had to translate from Czech and my wonderful assistant Ms. Google was giving me a hard time

The book is written by Jan Králík in Czech and published by Grada Publishing

I hope you enjoy this and that you give me a thumbs up if you do and subscribe if you care.

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